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Bernie Sanders, Killer Mike & Dr. Cornell West Discuss MLK
Bernie Sanders, Killer Mike & Dr. Cornell West Discuss MLK

Watch As Bernie Sanders, Killer Mike & Dr. Cornel West Discuss The Legacy Of MLK Jr.

Bernie Sanders, Killer Mike & Dr. Cornell West Discuss MLK

Over this past weekend, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders gathered the likes of Dr. Cornel West, former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, and, of course, right-hand-man Killer Mike to engage in a panel discussion of the life, legacy, influence and virtue of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

During the near-50-minute discussion, many of the tropes that have long characterized MLK are dispelled ( "non-violence no matter what" for instance,) and the trajectory of his stances are examined, particularly in their relation to the policies and platforms that Sanders himself has campaigned on over the last year. It's an incredibly insightful chat, delving into the continued relevance of the cherished activist and leader as we continue to face a cruel reality where black bodies remain endangered by the powers that be.

The discussion also arrives just in time for the New Hampshire caucus, which commences on February 1st. Sanders is currently the leader in that state by a whopping 27%. Watch as Bernie Sanders, Killer Mike, Dr. Cornel West and Senator Nina Turner discuss Martin Luther King Jr.'s impact on the culture and the work still needed to be done in the video down below. And whether you're for the man or not, please, please, please vote.