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“With this show, with this music, I’m just trying to make classics" - Donald Glover On 'Atlanta'
“With this show, with this music, I’m just trying to make classics" - Donald Glover On 'Atlanta'

'Atlanta' Actor Darius Awkwardly Crashes The Stage At Critics Choice Awards

\u201cWith this show, with this music, I\u2019m just trying to make classics" - Donald Glover On 'Atlanta'

During Sunday night's 22nd annual Critics' Choice Awards, Atlanta co-star actor Lakeith Stanfield had what could be best described as a Darius-meets-Kanye West moment.

When HBO's Silicon Valley was awarded as Best Comedy Series, executive producer Tom Lasally made his way to the stage to accept the award. But Stanfield did the same, crashing the party.

Stanfield got to the microphone first, and casually thanked the crowd as if he were a member of Silicon Valley's cast.

“I want to thank everybody for honoring us in this way,” Stanfield said, as everyone else stood by. “We worked very hard on Silicon Valley and here we are. Thank you.”

Christian Slater cluelessly applauded as Stanfield left the stage, before turning around and realizing that Lasally - the real member of the Silicon Valley's team - was still waiting to speak.

When Lasally arrived at the microphone, he smiled and said, "No idea who that was."

Stanfield tweeted after the incident, simply saying "not crazy."

Who knows if he was jokingly saying that the critically-acclaimed Atlanta deserved the award instead, or if he was just taking an opportunity to tell a joke. Either way, it was a fun moment to rewatch.

Atlanta may not have won Best Comedy Series, but Donald Glover took home the award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series.