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Alice Russell for OKP TV
Alice Russell for OKP TV

Alice Russell Answers "The Questions" For Okayplayer TV

Alice Russell for OKP TVAlice Russell for OKP TV

Alice Russell has been the most powerful force in UK soul music since before Adele turned 18, if you take may meaning; she's been wrecking shop for years and years with no tears (and dropping albums-of-the year as recently as last year. If you're not up on Look Around The Corner--her most recent project with Quantic & Combo Barbaro--you better git it in your life). But in addition to being the biggest-voiced she might be also the biggest-hearted (no awwws) and in person, a warm, animated, funny  person to chop it up with, full of stories about almost collapsing a stage while doing the Running Man at the Space Cave in SXSW or why Whitney and Dolly are the only people who should ever sing "I Will Always Love You." She was also super-cool about demo-ing her vocal range on-camera, even jet-lagged and with no warm up, and handily fielded all our other annoying questions. Like: Why is KRS-One your favorite rapper? What does it take to be in your band? What would you tell your 12-year-old self if you could? What the f**k is a Nickel Harp? Aaaah, the questions! So many questions. To find out the answer to these and more, press play on Mizz Russell's swing at Okayplayer TV's"The Questions" below: