Twitter Has Dubbed Taylor Swift's Billboard Music Awards Performance "Mayochella"

Twitter Has Dubbed Taylor Swift's Billboard Music Awards Performance "Mayochella"

Twitter Is Calling Taylor Swift's Billboard Music Awards Performance "Mayochella" Because Of Similarities To Beyoncé's 2018 Coachella Performance

Source: Taylor Swift

She performed her new single “ME!”

Taylor Swift opened up the Billboard Music Awards Wednesday night. Performing her new song “ME!,” one notable aspect of Taylor’s set was the use of a drumline clad in pink outfits, leading some to make comparisons to Beyoncé‘s 2018 Coachella performance, which has seen a resurgence this year because of the release of the Homecoming documentary.

Like Bey’s Coachella concert, Taylor’s performance also began with a marching band, but that seems to be the only specific similarity, with Twitter users joking about the performance’s opening.

Considering the timing of it all, it makes sense that people would compare Taylor’s set to Beyoncé’s set, especially because the marching band played such a pivotal role in the latter’s Coachella set. Others also brought up the video for Taylor’s 2017 music video “Look What You Made Me Do,” which received comparisons to Bey’s “Formation” at the time of its release.

Following the performance, the #Mayochella was created, in which users continue to make jokes and critique Taylor’s Billboard performance.

Some have come to Taylor’s defense though, pointing out that the pop artist has used marching bands in her performances throughout her career.

Others also highlighted how Taylor used just a drumline while Beyoncé used a full marching band for her set.

“Girl, it’s drums…Beyoncé wasn’t the first to use drums in a performance and Taylor definitely isn’t either. Beyoncé had a whole as band and Taylor had just drums. Y’all need to stop comparing the most general things just because you don’t like Taylor,” one Twitter user wrote.

Taylor’s performance can be viewed below. Do you think the similarities are valid or no?

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