'I Could Take Care Of The Ni**ers': Rhode Island HS Principal Retires Over Racist Video

'I Could Take Care Of The Ni**ers': Rhode Island HS Principal Retires Over Racist Video

A Rhode Island high school principal has retired after a video of him going on a racist rant recently surfaced.

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In an eight second video anonymously mailed to local TV station Channel 12, and Jim Vincent, president of the Providence branch of the NAACP, former Bishop Hendricken High School principal Jay Brennan can be heard making anti-black and anti-Jewish slurs, although the context is unknown in his statement.

“That way, I could take care of the ni**ers and the k**es,” Brennan said, according to a report from the Providence Journal.

Following the surfacing of the footage Brennan retired from his position as principal. A statement was also released from the school’s president, John Jackson.

“We recently were made aware of a six-second video-clip from the past with a statement made by Mr. Jay Brennan which includes inflammatory language,” Jackson said, according to a report from WPRI-TV. “The video clip, which is under review, has no context and Mr. Brennan was being secretly recorded, but clearly the language is inappropriate. We will not tolerate inflammatory language in any context.”

Once the video became public it immediately received backlash.

“I just don’t think a person of that authority should be talking like that. No matter where. No matter when,” Vincent said to WPRI-TV. “It hurts. It’s painful. It conjures up a past that was horrific for people both in the black and the Jewish community.”

Source: Providence Journal, WPRI-TV

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