RZA Pairs Hip-Hop With Guided Meditation In New EP

RZA Pairs Hip-Hop With Guided Meditation In New EP

RZA Pairs Hip-Hop With Guided Meditation In New EP

Source: TAZO

The five-track EP is a collaboration between RZA and TAZO Tea.

Wu-Tang leader RZA has released a new EP which finds the rapper and producer pairing hip-hop with guided meditation.

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Titled Guided Explorations, the five-track EP, which is available on all major streaming platforms, finds RZA offering words of advice against distractions while instructing listeners on how to meditate.

“Each new distraction makes us feel less in control — it creates chaos, and at times it feels like we’re completely surrounded,” the rapper states at one point on the first track, “Kill The Noise.” “Now, I’m not gonna tell you you can escape or ignore the chaos — that’s fiction. I’m gonna show you how to embrace it.”

Guided Explorations was made in collaboration with TAZO Tea, the tea company.

RZA also has a creative camp retreat with the tea company also named Camp TAZO, which he spoke with Okayplayer about last year.

“My goal at the camp is to hopefully do five various explorations over the course of two days. I’m going to take the other creative beings that are going to be there with us and have them see it as clear as I see it,” he said of the camp. “Maybe some do see it as clear, but those don’t know how to now activate it. Maybe some know how to activate it, but don’t see it clear.”

Listen to Camp TAZO below.

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