Mixtape Monday #056: Playlisting w/ CThaGod, EbTheCeleb, Timmhotep + More

Mixtape Monday: Playlisting w/ TIDAL, CThaGod, EbTheCeleb, Timmhotep + More

Mixtape Monday Features Playlists From TIDAL, CThaGod, EbTheCeleb, Timmhotep, Walker & Co. + More For January 22nd, 2018.

Source: TIDAL

This week’s Mixtape Monday we delve into the wide world of playlist culture with lists put together by some of the most important tastemakers in music.

Kicking things off with a trip in the way back machine, we jump into the ridiculously good 1998 Raps playlist from TIDAL, which may or may not be the handiwork of Elliott Wilson and BDot. Charlamagne Tha God countered with 1994 raps, so we had to oblige. EbTheCeleb gives a taste of her faves with What I’m Blasting and Peter Rosenberg waxes nostalgic with The Best of Low Budget.

Timmhotep brings up the rear with the wRap Caveat playlist. The second half of this week’s roundup also includes playlists from Questlove, Orion Anakaris, Ninetofive Records, Spotify’s Mjeema Pickett and the legendary Reggie Osse a.k.a. Combat Jack, who paid tribute to Larry Levan of the famed Paradise Garage with nearly three hours of jams.

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