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Source: YouTube

MF DOOM Joins Your Old Droog and Mach-Hommy for "BDE"

"BDE" is the first single from Your Old Droog's third album in twelve months.

Your Old Droog released his fifth studio album--his third in 2019 alone--on Monday. The project, Jewelry, is twelve tracks with guest spots from names like Mach-Hommy, Matisyahu, and MF DOOM. Along with the album, Droog dropped the visuals for "BDE," a standout collaboration with DOOM and Mach-Hommy produced by Preservation. Jewelry comes on the heels of Transportation, which dropped in mid-June.

Mach-Hommy executive produced Jewelry, which features production from Quelle Chris, Preservation, Edan, and Cohen Beats.

The three MCs are no strangers to collaborating. Hommy and DOOM both appeared on Droog's It Wasn't Even Close album, which dropped this past April. In the Jonah Schwartz-directed "BDE" video, Droog and Mach-Hommy crash a Hanukkah celebration, bearing gifts including a gold-plated dreidel. Unfortunately for DOOM fans, however, the video version of "BDE" only features Droog's verse.

All in all, the track is another triumph for the (partially) masked MCs. Droog built online buzz for months before revealing his identity in The New Yorker. Mach-Hommy is notoriously elusive, rarely making an appearance without his trademarked Haitian flag bandana. MF DOOM's reclusive past speaks for itself.

Droog also released visuals for "Jew Tang," featuring Matisyahu this week. This track, as well as Mach-Hommy and MF Doom's "BDE" verses, appear on Jewelry. In addition to streaming platforms, the album is available for purchase on Bandcamp. Vinyl copies of Jewelry are available for purchase on Your Old Droog's official website.

H/T: OnSmash