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Watch Aminé's Mother-Approved Rap "School of Rock" Video, "Blackjack"

"Schooling you niggas like Jack Black."

Aminé is back, and black, with another visual.

The 24-year-old Ethiopian and Eritrean-American rapper just dropped the video for "BLACKJACK." The song originally appeared in his sophomore album, OnePointFive, back in August of 2018.

The video features Aminé and friends galavanting through a school in uniforms similar to those from Jack Black's 2003 comedy, School of Rock, and ends with an Eddie Murphy-esque character swap skit.

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And, it's also mother-approved.

Fans also approve, noticing the cameo from Instagram comedian, Rickey Thompson, whose skits have been sampled by Aminé.

Watch "BLACKJACK" below.