Aminé Continues To Flourish Creatively With The Mockumentary 'Becoming Aminé'

Aminé Continues To Flourish Creatively With The Mockumentary 'Becoming Aminé'

Aminé Continues To Flourish Creatively On The Mockumentary 'Becoming Aminé'

Photo of Aminé courtesy of Sunshine Sachs.

Aminé has shown a panache for writing + creating fantastic ideas thanks to his efforts for “REDMERCEDES” and “Baba”. Now, as part of the Vevo LIFT program, he is back in the mix with a “day in the life” mockumentary-styled video entitled Becoming Aminé. Based on a story written by Aminé and Mikey Alfred, the video takes us back to the Portland, OR artist’s high school days in 2010 when his musical ambitions were just between his tight-knight group of friends.

Playing the young genius is Jor-El Lord as Young Aminé, while Justin Weaver and Jett Sheng play his homies Jonathan and Yosief. The real life counterparts also find roles in this short, as Aminé plays the mysterious DJ Johnny James. As the trio tries to get Aminé’s song on the program, we treated to a Napoleon Dynamite-esque adventure that is sure to endear the creative to more audiophiles getting familiar with his style.

Becoming Aminé also features music by Tyler, The Creator and Rat Boy, while Aminé’s alma mater, Benson Polytechnic High School serves as the short’s main location. “I didn’t want to bring you back to the home where I grew up and say, ‘Oh look, I grew up in the hood.’ Everyone does that,” Aminé said in a released statement. “I wanted to show you a day from my past, from high school with my friends, that speaks to who I am today.”

Becoming is a part of Vevo’s LIFT program, a six-week concentrated campaign in which Vevo gives fans a first-hand look into each artist’s journey. Aminé is the second artist to perform—the first is our First Look Friday alum Khalid—and Vevo will continue to release footage throughout May. Up next is the original program titled “Stripped,” which will be highlighted by an intimate performance by Aminé.

Watch Becoming Aminé underneath and keep an eye out on this budding star:

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