Mixtape Monday: UGLY, Malik Hendricks, D2x, teedotEinsof x Loved Ones + More

Karas Lamb Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard…
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New music from UGLY, Malik Hendricks, D2x, teedotEinsof x Loved Ones and more this Mixtape Monday.

Straight away, Chicago artist UGLY makes a statement with Fucboiawesome, Malik Hendricks is on time with Cutting Shapes, D2x debuts The Color Blue and teedotEinsof teams with his Loved Ones for the Ether​~​Net EP.

Rahiem Supreme and Al.Divino join forces on SPLASH BANDICOOT, KHEYZINE drops the sequel to Crime Partners, Bloo & Spanish Ran put in work on The Bloo Dahlia EP and Ashtrejinkins is …over here. eu-IV is back on deck with BMoreDope 2 and VHOOR closes with Ritmo.

UGLY – Fucboiawesome

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UGLY raises the bar for experimental rap with the follow-up to the Ugh and AAAAAH!!! demos titled Fucboiawesome.

Malik Hendricks – Cutting Shapes

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Following 2018’s Introducing EP and a stellar showing on the Coloring Lessons Vol. 1 compilation, Malik Hendricks makes magic with Cutting Shapes.

D2x – The Color Blue

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Rising Chicago artist D2x follows standout single “Day Job” with his full-length debut The Color Blue featuring Ro Marsalis.

teedotEinsof + Loved Ones – Ether​~​Net EP

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teedotEinsof teams with a handful of “Loved Ones” for the Ether​~​Net EP including Muki, Sidewalk Kaal, Distant Starr and T’nah.


Rahiem Supreme x Al.Divino – SPLASH BANDICOOT

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With a rack of solo and collaborative projects between them, Rahiem Supreme and Al.Divino link to deliver SPLASH BANDICOOT.


KHEYZINE – Crime Partners Chapter II

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Following CATALEYA and Crime Partners Chapter I, Bordeaux’s own KHEYZINE is back with Crime Partners Chapter II.

Bloo x Spanish Ran – The Bloo Dahlia EP

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Following The People In Hell Are Jealous, Spanish Ran links with Bloo for a punchy collection dubbed The Bloo Dahlia EP.


AshTreJinkins – …I’ll be over here.

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Representing for the West Coast, AshTreJinkins does a little astral traveling on the lush and expansive …I’ll be over here. EP.

eu-IV – BmoreDope 2

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Charm City’s own eu-IV returns to the lineup this week following the eu-know eu-IV series and fr with BmoreDope 2.

VHOOR – Ritmo

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VHOOR explores the signature sound of the Afro-Brazilian Quilombola communities on the follow-up to Baile & Drip titled Ritmo.


Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard yet. She wants to listen to your music. Follow her on Twitter @karaslamb.

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