Zoe Saldana-Starring Nina Simone Biopic Has A Release Date

Update: 'Nina' Releases Trailer, Black Twitter Rightfully Angered

Pass The Popcorn: The Egregiously-Casted Zoe Saldana-Starring Nina Simone Biopic Has Its Release Date
Photo via Entertainment Weekly

UPDATE: Today, March 2nd, Entertainment Weekly unveiled the trailer for the Nina biopic. Upon viewing the clip it is apparent that Zoe Saldana was the wrong choice to play such a pivotal figure from the Civil Rights Movement. Don’t believe us, well, just check out the trailer below and read the full story below!

It feels like years now that we’ve been talking about this criminally-insensitive Nina Simone biopic, Nina (wait, it actually has been years.) But apparently, the Zoe Saldana-starring big screen treatment has finally gotten the legs to make its debut, as the official release date for the film has just been announced.

On April 22nd, Nina, for better or worse, will land on VOD services and select theaters alike, opening the long-dreaded production up to a world that’s simply not ready to accept Saldana as Miss Simone. In fact, not even Saldana appears to be ready for the implicit duties that accompany the portrayal of a legendary singer, activist and performer. Forget altogether what she identifies as, Saldana doesn’t even appear to acknowledge the plight of communities of color or how race is an embedded component in American politics and the way our cities are governed; all things that should be more than apparent as someone who is literally putting on blackface to make herself resemble one of history’s most outspoken voices on the topic.

And while she’s yet to speak on this role in any official capacity (though she did express doubts as to whether it was a good fit, taking it anyway) Nina will certainly prove to be an eye-opening cinematic experience, testing our patience and tempers as Amy took home the gold at the Oscars this weekend for over the arguably better overall film that was What Happened, Miss Simone? Can’t say that I agree with the timing of all of this, but come April, Nina will definitely be dominating your timelines.

Also, Twitter ain’t happy:

H/T: Entertainment Weekly

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