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Rico nasty and zack fox
Rico Nasty and Zack Fox
Photo Credit: Jeremy Deputat

Rico Nasty Talks New Album & Her Favorite Pioneer Women In Rap With Zack Fox On 'Bruh' Radio Show

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Rico Nasty and Zack Fox unite on "Bruh."

In February,  Zack Fox helped Okayplayer curate the most meta-Atlanta Black History Month experience by sharing his favorite moments in Atlanta music history his favorite quotes from black people, and his all-time favorite memes. Now, he's introducing some faces you should and will know soon.

The latest guest to sit down with Fox on his Red Bull Radio show Bruh with Awful Records is Rico Nasty. The 20-year-old rising DC rapper and nonconformist chops it up with Atlanta's very own to talk about her new album, swag surfin’, her favorite DMV rappers, and who holds the key to her hip-hop heart: Foxy Brown or Lil Kim?

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The DMV rapper fostered a heavy online following of young fans with her “sugar trap” sound and cartoon emboldened street rap. While in Los Angeles working on her forthcoming LP, Nasty, Rico paid a visit to host Fox as they both recover from Beychella.

On her personal penchant for older women in hip-hop, Rico says, "I like the older female rappers, because I feel like back then, how nerveracking it must've been to get in a booth with these strong, real gangsta ass niggas. Nowadays, niggas is not gangsta," she says. "I just loved the way they sounded back then. It was so powerful."

When asked about raising a child while rapping and the stigma placed on women in entertainment balancing careers and motherhood she said, "People have been having kids since the beginning of time. You have the baby, you get back to your life. Some women don't. Some women can't. It's all in who you are. I feel like people put so much pressure on pregnant women. This person is carrying life. Chill the fuck out, bro."

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Listen to Zack Fox and Rico Nasty's full conversation on"Bruh" below: