Kari Faux Discusses New Album On Zack Fox’s ‘Bruh’ Radio Show

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Kari Faux Discusses New Album On Zack Fox's 'Bruh' Radio Show
Photo Credit: Kevin Shea Adams

The latest guest to appear on Zack Fox‘s Red Bull Radio show Bruh with Awful Records is none other than Kari Faux, as she talks about her forthcoming new concept album The Loop, her time living in Los Angeles, and more.

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“It’s basically my next album that I’m working on. It’s about these characters that I came up with, and the concept is based around an acid trip I had on New Year’s Eve in Oakland,” Faux said. “It’s going to be an audio movie. There will be characters, there will be settings…you’ll understand everything when it comes out.”

Today, Chloe x Halle released their debut album The Kids Are Alright, which features a guest appearance from Faux.

Last month, Fox helped us celebrate the last several days of Black History Month by sharing his favorite quotes from black people, as well as his favorite moments in Atlanta music history. Listen to Fox and Faux’s conversation above.

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