Black History Month: Zack Fox’s 10 Favorite Quotes From Black People

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Black History Month: Zackary Fox's 10 Favorite Quotes From Black People
Photo Credit: Grant Lemons
Black History Month: Zackary Fox's 10 Favorite Quotes From Black People

Photo Credit: Grant Lemons

Although delegated to one month, real ones know that black history is being made each and every day. But in honor of another Black History Month that has brought us notable achievements (the record-breaking success of Black Panther; Ava DuVernay getting Sade to release her first new song in seven years; Migos tying the Beatles for most simultaneous hits on the Billboard Hot 100), we spoke with Zack Fox, formerly known as the one and only Bootymath, on a number of black-related topics. Today’s topic? Fox’s 10 favorite quotes from black people.

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If you don’t know who Fox is, chances are you’ve seen one (or two, or three, or 10) of his memes across social media, the Internet provocateur having made iconic memes such as this one and this one. But he’s also an actor and writer, having made his acting debut in Flying Lotus‘ surreal feature film debut Kuso, as well as the host of his own Red Bull Radio show Bruh with Awful Records. The latest episode (which drops today) finds him speaking with bass virtuoso (and Jeopardy! answer) Thundercat.

Along with his favorite quotes Fox has also provided a quick playlist of “Blackity Black” tracks that are sure to help you ride out the rest of the month and year (if Trump doesn’t lead us to nuclear warfare that is).

Just as hilarious as they are profound, here’s Zackary Fox’s 10 favorite quotes from black people.

“If you can communicate the product you can make money off the product, cause’ look at GaGa. She’s the creative director of Polaroid….I like some of the Gaga songs — what the fuck does she know about cameras?” — Kanye West

“No Ma’am.” (sung ad nauseam using all of the Opera Voice types) — Jasmine Masters

“If you’re gonna be a coon, be a ty-coon.” — Rich Po Slim

“See now when you do what you do, how you do what you do, when you do what you do, nobody can tell on you if you all by yourself.” — Kaine (of the Ying Yang Twins)

“I am a gangsta, Ms. Katie.” — Lil Wayne

“I hate when people say I have to give back to the community, because it implies the community gave me something in the first place…the community stole my bike.” — Jerrod Carmichael

“Fuck u niggas bro.” (numerous times) — Young Thug

“Good muthafuckin’ vibes only, super good vibes only.” — Twin Nem

“What.” — Playboi Carti

“It would seem that negroes, of all Americans, would be found in the free thought fold since we have suffered more than any other americans from the dubious blessings of christianity.” — Hubert Harrison

Next week we’ll have Zackary Fox’s favorite moments in Atlanta music history. But until then, listen to his Red Bull Radio Show Bruh featuring Thundercat here, and catch new episodes every fourth Friday at 6pm EST.

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