Is This The Official Track List For Yasiin Bey’s Final Album?

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The new year has been ripe with Yasiin Bey sightings and disappearances, with his last sign-off ending with the announcement of his retirement from the entertainment industry at-large along with a passionate plea to his stateside friends and family to help see him through his apparent house arrest and surveillance in the wake of his “World Passport” troubles.

The weeks following have been murmur-filled with even a track listing surfacing for his final album, being partially revealed through an Instagram account that has since proven to be an unofficial account, letting a whole lot of steam out of many a balloon. Today, however, we bring you a glimmer of hope with what could be an official track list, posted by Yasiin’s internet confidant, Ferrari Sheppard, who tweeted out the picture below just minutes ago. No date has been revealed just yet, but based on the photo alone, we may have the album’s official title as well: Negus 1.

Again, it’s hard to say what’s what at the moment, but the image should serve as a testament to something being on the way. And soon. Peep the track list below and brace yourself. Yasiin Bey cometh.

Is This The Official Track List For Yasiin Bey's Final Album?

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