Win A Signed 7" Test Press Of D'Angelo's 1,000 Deaths/Charade

Enter To Win A Signed 7" Test Pressing Of D'Angelo's "1,000 Deaths"/ "Charade"

D'Angelo & The Vanguard's "The Charade" Is Heading To Wax For Record Store Day w/ B-Side "1000 Deaths"

In December of 2014, D’Angelo shook the world at its very foundation with the surprise release of his third studio album,¬†Black Messiah. And while the album’s fourteen years of conception and fine-tuning have been well-documented in the time since (read: DVD Extras,) we’re still unraveling the density of that inexplicably timely release, built with the assistance of legends new and old, all under the guise of The Vanguard.

Which is to say, that this morning’s announcement of a new studio being erected by engineer, chief D’sciple and apostle of the D’s new guard, Ben Kane, offers us yet another reason to jump back down that wormhole of musical excellence, underscored by deeply political and cultural motifs. As an exceptionally rare incentive to the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, Kane is offering up a chance to win a signed 7″ test pressing of the Record Store Day release of “1,000 Deaths” b/w “Charade,” extending the legs of an album we’ll be unpacking for 14 years more (or at least until the follow-up arrives, knock on ebony).

All you have to do is head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge $10. It goes without saying that they are available in extremely limited quantities, so we highly encourage repeat pledges for increased odds of taking the prize home. Hit the link below to grab your raffle ticket. Winners will be announced on July 27th. Happy bidding to you all. Jump back to read Kane’s incredible story of how “The Door” came to be. Be sure to check back for all of the goodies that Kane and his new Electric Garden outfit will be unveiling in the weeks to come. You won’t want to miss it.

>>>Pledge to Electric Garden’s Kickstarter campaign¬†



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