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Video: D’Angelo Debuts New Song “Sugar Daddy” Live in Stockholm, Sweden

Video: D’Angelo Debuts New Song “Sugar Daddy” Live in Stockholm, Sweden

In addition to the various proof-of-life clips of D’Angelo‘s much-loved material (get a serving of “Chicken Grease”  with a side of “Devil’s Pie” here, see his first entrance to “Playa Playa” below and say “Sh+t, D#mn, M*therfu!!er” after the jump) that have been emanating from his concert in Stockholm, Sweden last night (did we mention it’s the first in more than a decade?) R&B Jesus also blessed the assembled congregation at Filadelfiakyrken (trans: the Church of Brotherly Love) with the debut of a brand new track called “Sugar Daddy.” Dedicated D-watchers have already pointed the marked Prince influence but the good-timey piano rolls and extended bass solo on this live workout put me more in mind of Sly Stone in his glory days. Anyway suffice it to say, it’s a damn good song and one more sign that D, after being off-map for lo, these many years, has apparently managed to fall right back in step.

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