Video: D'Angelo, 8 Minutes of "Chicken Grease" Live in Stockholm, Sweden

Aww. Sookie. 5pm in New York and is already nighttime/right time in Stockholm, Sweden, where as I understand it D'Angelo is blessing the Scandiavian capital with his first show in more than 11 years AS I WRITE. As proof I offer this 8-minute video clip of a fit (hell, ripped) looking R&B Jesus ripping through a marathon version of "Chicken Grease" and by 'marathon' I really mean Usain Bolt breaking speed records, sprinting backwards through his Olympic qualifying heats before doing the lightning bolt dance on the finish line. Yes, today is the 12th anniversary of Voodoo, but let's not get too sentimental (or mystical) to focus on what is important here: WE HAVE ESTABLISHED VISUAL CONTACT.

spotted at SB