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Read Excerpts From 'The Simpsons' Script Prince Rejected
Read Excerpts From 'The Simpsons' Script Prince Rejected

'The Simpsons' Showrunner Shares Script Excerpts From Prince Episode Rejected By The Purple One

Read Excerpts From 'The Simpsons' Script Prince Rejected

As we continue to discover the multitude of projects that Prince turned down or simply never wanted us to see or hear, The Simpsons showrunner and producer, Al Jean, revealed a few snippets of what could have been when P was presented with a script for an episode specially dedicated to him. The script excerpts, which find the whole town of Springfield being taken under The Purple One's funky spell, were dug up by Jacqueline Atkins, who served as assistant to the show's producers. And while we may never know how the full treatment would have turned out, these clips just prove how powerful a presence Prince was in animated or real-life forms. The script was inevitably rejected by The Purple One, but this should come as no surprise, as Prince was never one to take his image and/or likeness lightly. Especially if it were to call into question the quality of one of his films.