The Foreign Exchange Tease New LP With HER [Trailer]

The Foreign Exchange Tease 'Love In Flying Colors' LP With 'HER' [Trailer]


The Foreign Exchange teases fans awaiting their forthcoming fifth studio LP Love In Flying Colors with the release of HER – the retrospective video trailer that takes you through their sonic evolution, as demonstrated by the growth of a woman whose love affair with the music remains constant as she changes over time. The slight physical and circumstantial changes she experiences are likely representative of the journey Nicolay and Phonte have taken as they continue to raise the bar under the moniker of The Foreign Exchange. Their sound has encouraged a groundswell of innovation in r&b and soul that has fostered a collective of major musical talents and a global demand for more. The trailer, which includes a bit of new music, precedes the LP slated to drop on September 24th. Take a look at the footage below to view HER from The Foreign Exchange.

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