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Revivalist Exclusive: José James x Taylor McFerrin

Revivalist Exclusive: José James x Taylor McFerrin

José James and Taylor McFerrin discuss their musical connection and forthcoming projects in an exclusive video interview with The Revivalist. They detail how they initially became acquainted, the 20-hour plane ride that sparked their collaborative relationship, their subsequent friendship and how the strength of that musically driven bond informs the improvisational creativity they employ in performance – their one-two punch of vocal dexterity takes center stage as they interpolate the art of scatting with beatbox aesthetic. José James has more surprises up his sleeve, with a performance of Al Green‘s “Simply Beautiful” for Capitol’s 1 MIC 1 TAKE series. Check the video below. Scroll down to watch the full interview with Taylor McFerrin and José James at The Revivalist.

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>>>Watch José James x Taylor McFerrin at The Revivalist


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