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Rahzel live at Okayplayer Holiday Jam
Rahzel live at Okayplayer Holiday Jam

Okayplayer TV: Rahzel Beatboxes Shai x Al Green x "Otis" Live At The OKP Holiday Jam

Rahzel live at Okayplayer Holiday JamRahzel live at Okayplayer Holiday Jam

Rahzel's live performance at the Okayplayer Holiday Jam is like the most bang you could ever get for your buck, in terms of crowd-rocking, hands in the air and singing along drunk karaoke-style. That's because not only do you get a full one-man band and surprisingly singin-ass singer for said buck, for the price of one Rahzel you also get Shai (see his rendition of "If I Ever Fall In Love"), Al Green (see "Let's Stay Together"), Kanye West and Jay-Z (see "Otis"--see you made your money back already!) and a potentially infinite number of your favorite jams ( we did not include Rahzel's recreation of "Moments In Love" by Art Of Noise--some things you have to be on the guestlist for) which can be conjured up in full stereo sound by the Godfather of Noyze. Watch below to watch the human beatbox come to life (full credits after the jump).

Producer & Editor: Allison Swank

Producer: Emmai Alaquiva

Videographers: Jay Sprogell, Rob Lee, Chinisha Scott, Alex Gaylon, Loren Hicks

Sound: Greg Scott