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Watch As First Lady Michelle Obama Talks Policy, Parenting Tips On The Late Show With David Letterman

Michelle Obama David Letterman Interview Large

As David Letterman gets closer and closer to his final episode as The Late Show's host, his list of on-air guests only grows more auspicious. On Thursday night, First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by the CBS Late Night studio for an exchange of ideas how to best care for our nation's military veterans, and how to handle the tasks of parenting.

"They're doing great, they're growing up, and it happens so fast, as you know. I've got one driving!" Mrs. Obama said when asked about her daughters, Sasha and Malia. The conversation then turned to curfews, parties and the inevitability of Malia meeting boys. "There are always boys, at the parties," the First Lady said with a knowing smile. "That's okay, you know? Barack is handling that okay."

But Letterman was keen to talk about some serious matters, as well, and brought up the topic of unemployment amongst our nation's military veterans. "It's a remarkable thing, that this country will facilitate training and sending [troops] all over the world to defend us, but then when they come home...," the host began. The First Lady, however, was quick respond, citing the White House's Joining Forces program, which works to provide returning soldiers with education, wellness and employment opportunities. "We just can't give our nation's veterans lip service," Mrs. Obama said, "which is sometimes what we do. We celebrate their arrival, and then they don't have jobs."

"We spend billions of dollars, preparing and training these men and women," she said of our nation's veterans. "These are some of the most highly trained, highly skilled men and women in the country. And they're ready to serve in our businesses, and they're some of the best employees that you'll have."

The First lady continued, "Even if there's one veteran who's living on our streets, that's one too many. It's a disgrace--it should be an outrage."

Near the end of their conversation, both Letterman and Mrs. Obama acknowledged that they share one more thing in common: they'll both be retiring fairly soon. And while the Obama family still has a year and a half left in Washington, the longtime 'Late Show' host will be ending his 33-year run this month. "I think we should hang out together," the First Lady said.

"Don't say that if you're kidding!" Letterman replied. Watch all three clips from Mrs. Obama's visit to the late night program below.