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Kanye West Says He's "The Best Living Recording Artist"

Kanye Claims He Wasn't Stumped on 'Kimmel,' Trump Thanks Him for Continued Support Source: Youtube

He's back.

Kanye West made his return to Twitter over the weekend, just days after deactivating his social media accounts.

Fresh from a recent meeting with Donald Trump at the White House, and a trip to Uganda, the artist went live on Periscope for about 10 minutes to voice his opinions on influence, mind control, and his artistry, declaring that he is "the best living recording artist."

He continued, saying he has the spirits of Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and Tupac Shakur "flowing through him." A departure from his usual inspirations ranking of Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Pablo Picasso.

At one point he also says, "when people try to influence you through social media and try to tell you what to do, or if you post something that's like positive on Instagram it gets taken down if it's not a part of a bigger agenda. That's like mind control."

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In the live, West also claims that he's being barred from buying the publishing rights to his music from Sony/ATV, and that he spoke with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about removing followers and likes from the site.

At one point he addressed people's concern over his behavior and stated, "I am not crazy. I can ramp up if I suffer from sleep deprivation."

Read the full transcript of the live on Billboard and catch clips of the video above.