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Jay-Z + Beyoncé Stir Up Controversy Over Cuba Visit

UPDATE: Reuters is reporting that the trip was in fact approved by the U.S. Treasury Department - meaning Reps. Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart are now officially just hating.

It's no secret that Jay-Z and Beyoncé have enough money and power to do everything us mere mortals cannot - including relaxing vacations to the U.S.-embargoed nation of Cuba. But this most recent adventure has the couple facing a substantial amount of backlash for their trip to the island celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary, essentially blaming the couple for inadvertently supporting repression of the Cuban people by making their trip without regard to the historical beef between the country and the United States. Executive Director of Cuba Democracy Advocates in Washington, D.C. Mauricio Claver-Carone has spoken out against Jayoncé for not properly educating themselves on the human rights injustices occurring every day in the Communist nation, stating, "There are women getting beaten on a daily basis, women who are being jailed for no reason ... people are fighting for their freedom. It’s extremely insensitive."

Also throwing their hats into the controversy ring this weekend were Florida Republican Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart, who penned an open letter to the U.S. Treasury Department demanding an investigation of the purpose of the trip, since tourism - which it appears to be - is prohibited by the embargo. That is, unless you are able to secure special permission, restrictions for which have been eased under the Obama administration to include religious or cultural visits. Whether or not Hov and Bey were able to secure such a license remains to be revealed, but considering they've got a whole lot of money and friends in high places - ahem - we're thinking Reps. Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart might also feel some type of way 'cause they ain't living like Jay-Z and Beyoncé are living. Or maybe that's just us.