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Isaiah Rashad Literally Launders Money In ‘Free Lunch’ Video

Isaiah Rashad Literally Launders Money In ‘Free Lunch’ Video

Isaiah Rashad Literally Launders Money In 'Free Lunch' Video

Isaiah Rashad Literally Launders Money In 'Free Lunch' Video

After the recent release of his new single “Free Lunch,” Isaiah Rashad has now dropped the visuals for the track.

Directed by aplus the music video finds Rashad and a friend running a business out of a laundromat, taking a literal approach to money laundering. But it also seems to subvert the idea, as three people outside of the laundromat hustle to make many money through non-illegal means. There’s someone selling CDs; another t-shirts; and, lastly, a guy repairing cars. They all flip the money simply to obtain food (albeit the CD seller who receives a platinum record plaque).

In watching the video you can’t help but think about Alton Sterling, the “CD man” who was fatally shot by police officers in front of a convenience store. Maybe some of the video is a commentary on that, but overall it seems to be a commentary on how hustling presents itself in more ways than one — all of us working towards something.

At the end of the video the date September 2, 2016 is displayed, fueling speculation that we might very well be getting a new project from Rashad next month. Last Friday Top Dawg Entertainment President Dave Free vaguely tweeted out “September 2, 2016,” and back in August 2015 Rashad had tweeted that he turned in his album.

Now, it could honestly be anybody a part of TDE that hasn’t already released a project this year. Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q are presumably out because of their 2016 releases, meaning that the only ones left are Rashad, SZA, Ab-Soul or new signee Lance Skiiiwalker.

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But considering the date now appears after the “Free Lunch” video, maybe it’s safe to say that the Chattanooga, Tennessee rapper is next up, with this project being the follow up to 2014’s Cilvia Demo. Let’s not forget that he’s also released another song, “Smile,” this year too.

Check out the video below.


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