It Looks Like TDE Just Announced A New Project. But Whose Is It?

TDE Gives Album Updates + Addresses The Media's Coverage Of The Charleston Shooting

TDE executives have used social media to make announcements to their fans, but the messages often don't show the full picture.

This week is another example. TDE President Dave Free sent a vague tweet in the wee hours of Saturday morning: "09.02.16 #TDE."

No other information is in the post: no idea if this is an album or  a song, if it's an announcement of tour dates, or some other important date.

Earlier this year, Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith said he planned to release six albums from the label. A photo of a white board shown on his Instagram showed "SCHOOLBOY Q (SAMPLE CLEARANCE), SZA (4TH STAGE CREATIVE), ISAIAH RASHAD (3RD STAGE CREATIVE), SOULO (MIXING), KDOT ??? (GET TOP ON THE PHONE), JAY ROCK (ER)." It also listed two new artists as "John Doe 1" and "John Doe 2," with one of them in the second stage of their album.

So far, we've already seen some of the white board materialize. Kendrick Lamar released untitled unmastered in March, showing that his cutting room floor songs are better than other artists' best work. And ScHoolboy Q's Blank Face LP has been praised as one of the best albums of the year. One of those new artists has been revealed as Chicago singer Lance Skiiiwalker.

Will one of these albums that was in the latter stages be released, or announced, on September 2? SZA has been steadily performing since her 2014 album Z, and Isaiah Rashad has been quiet since dropping Cilvia Demo. Ab-Soul may be ready to come out swinging after the critical disappointment of These Days..., and as TSS opined, he seems the most capable of being able to drop with less than a month of promotion.

Only time will tell what the announcement is really about, but with TDE's track record, it'll definitely be worth paying attention to.