Go Dreamer x Niko Javan - 'The Mission' EP [Stream]

OKP Premiere: Go Dreamer x Niko Javan Present 'The Mission' EP [Stream]

Go Dreamer & Niko Javan Team To Present 'The Mission' EP Stream.

Go Dreamer and Niko Javan follow the teaser for their collab track “Treading Water” with the premiere of The Mission EP featuring the full version of “Treading Water” plus “The Mission.” The duo of debut tracks from the project pack relaxed grooves and bubbly fret-work that only punctuates the genre-bending funk at the core of each recording. The lyrical content of each song floats just above the instrumentation like a haze of smoke and speaks directly to Go Dreamer’s Dungeon Family associations with a sound that hearkens back to Big Rube‘s presence on the seminal Brainchild LP from Society of Soul. With neither artist avowed to a life inside the box, Go Dreamer and Niko Javan’s latest efforts buck trends in favor of dropping a proper dose of heat that fuses varied sounds and styles into something singular and staunchly all their own. This stuff is strictly for the Weerdos. Check the tracks below to stream The Mission EP and hit the link to download via facebook. If Go Dreamer and Niko Javan keep making trouble like this, the teacher might have to separate them.

>>>Download The Mission EP (via facebook)

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