Ernie Gaines - 'Lost In Time' LP Stream

OKP Premiere: Ernie Gaines Delivers A Stunning Debut w/ An All-Pro Cast On His 'Lost In Time' LP

by zo
March 27, 2015 3:38 PM

OKP Premiere: Ernie Gaines Delivers A Stunning Debut w/ An All-Pro Cast On His 'Lost In Time' LP

Over the last year or so, soul child Ernie Gaines has hinted at a remarkable aptitude for blurring the lines between music’s past and present, wielding a timeless voice and a penchant for edgy, high-octane r&b. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering his debut full-length LP Lost In Time; a sweat-soaked sprint of blistering disco, shades of avant-pop and a funk by committee ethos, that brings some of the left-field’s most cherished musicians (bass gawd Thundercat, funkonaut-turned-perennial-hit-maker Om’Mas Keith, Alex Alena on the kit, Stewart Cole on the horn and the mighty Miguel Atwood-Ferguson commanding the strings) under one roof with producer/creative visionary Michael Sterling Eaton at the helm of it all.

These 10-tracks boast a dizzying spectrum of influence, ranging from the uncanny MJ vocal resemblance to Prince‘s punk-pop perfection to touches of Mr. Wonderlove and even contemporaries like Miguel and Frank OceanCover to cover, Lost In Time manages to deliver on its promise, honing all of the musical magic into a dynamic piece that will literally have your head spinning, forgetting your place in the chronology of it all. Asking yourself “how could something sound so now and so damn vintage all at once?” The album’s littered with dance-floor anthems, brimming with four-to-the-floor funk like the title track and the ever infectious “The Lonely One,” but also manages to capture the emotional chaos of relationship turmoil on “Annie Mae” and the equally frantic follow-through “Sam I Am,” with cuts like “Black Widow” bridging that gap effortlessly. But it all comes to a warm cap with the album’s Mid-tempo, but far from tame closer “Find A Way,” where Gaines taps into the pure-soul stuff of legends, providing a stank-face-inducing groove, ripe for the floor or the bedroom.

All of this make for a piece that oozes of nostalgia, while remaining intrinsically tied to the present with all textures of the time intact and accounted for. You can usher in the weekend with a heaping dose of polished nu-disco and deep-rooted r&b by rocking with Ernie Gaines’ star-studded debut Lost In Time below via Neo Nostalgia. And if you’re curious as to how the record came together or have the itch for a play-by-play, hit the link below for a treasure trove’s worth of behind-the-scenes footage with the whole roster. Grab your copy on Bandcamp today.

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