Elvis Costello x The Roots - Wise Up Ghost Album Stream

The Roots x Elvis Costello - 'Wise Up Ghost' [Full LP Stream]

by Eddie "STATS"
September 09, 2013 11:06 AM

Elvis Costello x Questlove of The Roots - Wise Up Ghost

It’s here. The Roots –the baddest band in late night (or early morning) and Elvis Costello–the most venerable angry young man in history. Each one is a movement unto itself. But they’re a movement when they com together. A movement called Wise Up Ghost. To stream the new collaborative Blue Note album from the legendaries via NPR, just hit the link below (scroll down to pre-order and find a full tracklist, updated to reflect the official playlist).

>>>Stream Elvis Costello x The Roots – Wise Up Ghost (via NPR)

Elvis Costello x The Roots – Wise Up Ghost

Walk Us Uptown
Sugar Don’t Work
Refuse To Be Saved
Wake Me Up
Stick Out Your Tongue
Come The Meantimes
(She Might Be A) Grenade
Cinco Minutos Con Vos
Viceroy’s Row
Wise Up Ghost
If I Could Believe

My New Haunt (bonus track)
Can You Hear Me? (bonus track)
The Puppet Has Cut His Strings (bonus track)

>>>Purchase Wise Up Ghost (via iTunes)
>>>Purchase Wise Up Ghost (via amazon)

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