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Don Lemon
Don Lemon

Huh? Don Lemon Claps Back Against Police Violence? Wait, What?

Don Lemon Panel

The Revolution must be nigh. Even respectability politics' prodigal son and CNN host Don Lemon is fed up with the constant murder of black people and the slick language used to defend and excuse police and state violence. Perhaps he too has been sipping the Lemonade. He goes in during a CNN panel which included Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg.

Here is Don Lemon's infamous 5 point respectability rant:

One: Pull up your pants, we looking at you "no-name derrick from around the way." Two: Don't use the n-word.

Three: Respect Where You Live. Black people litter a lot. White people don't.

Four: Finish school.

And Five: Just because you can have baby, doesn't mean you should.

Don The Social Justice Warrior (haha, jk) is visibly annoyed by one of the guests on the panel who argues that the death of Alton Sterling was justified. It seems that this most recent instance of police violence hit close to home for Lemon. He responds with the following:

I'm from Baton Rogue, I know most of the players involved and if I don't know them they're connected to my family. So, I know that this man had a criminal record, okay, whatever (wtf, Don, is that you!?). Police officers are trained to deescalate situations and as I am speaking to people who are high up in law enforcement in Baton Rogue, Louisiana they are saying that it looks bad for the officers, the officers appear, at this point, unless something else comes out, to have acted too aggressively and the language that they use with this man, "you're dead" and possibly using other racial language. At this point unless something else comes out those officers are in big trouble. 

The person Lemon is arguing with is David S. Katz, the founder and CEO of Global Security Group, Inc. Katz was also a former senior Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration. Katz also previously worked with the Israeli Secret Service. Questions have been raised concerning the relationship between American and Israeli security forces and specifically Israeli military forces training American police officers in tactics to handle protesters and counter terrorism. One of these tactics, a martial arts developed by the Israeli Defense Force, Krav Maga, was taught to McKinney, Texas officer David Eric Casebolt who used it on a defenseless black teenage girl.

Watch the full exchange of Don Lemon's transformation or racial justice glow up below.

And welcome to the fight for racial justice Don Lemon.