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PRhyme Raiders Of The Lost Art Part 2
PRhyme Raiders Of The Lost Art Part 2

DJ Premier & Royce Da 5'9" Offer Up Another Prhyme Preview In "Raiders Of The Lost Art" Part 2

PRhyme Raiders of the Lost Art Part 2

We're now just two weeks away from the release of PRhyme, the long-anticipated and much-hyped collab LP from respective producer and MC superstars DJ Premierand Royce Da 5'9".With not one, not twobut threetracks already circulating the airwaves, we've now gotten an ample taste of the newfound duo's sound--Premo has packed PRhymewith refreshingly classic sample-driven beats beats, while Royce's lyrics depict a man who's gone through many a war and is finally now ready to speak his peace. As a treat for fans eager to find out more about their process, PRhyme debuted a mini-documentary,Raiders of the Lost Art last week that brought us up to speed on their creative intentions. Now the second installment ofRaiders has arrived, and the PRhyme picture is all the more vivid for it.

Early in the clip we're told that PRhyme exists out of artistic necessity--it wasn't until they formed a new group and completely merged their talents that Premier and Royce felt confident that their output would meet its full potential. As the video plays on we catch glimpses of the new LP in its adolescent form, Premo's hands at the mixing board as his colleague tests out verses scribbled on a notepad. But what's most interesting is the key role that Adrian Younge played in PRhyme's conception. Younge composed almost all the music from which Premier sampled to make the record, and his youthful energy energized the sessions. "With Adrian's style and sound," Premo said, "I wasn't doubtful, I just didn't know how far I could pull off being different."

"When I listen to my music now, I think of PRhyme. It's hard for me just to think of my music on it's own," Younge tells Premo. "You made my stuff better!" The clip's positivity spill over into its final scene, in which Royce and his teenage son talk beatmaking at home and touch on what could be the early moments of their own collaboration. Watch the clip below and preorderPRhyme on iTunes before its official release on December 9th.