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Breonna Taylor Protest Washington DC
Breonna Taylor Protest Washington DC
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

No Justice for Breonna Taylor Leads to Nationwide Protests and Mass Arrests in Louisville

Police in Louisville say close to 100 arrests were made Wednesday evening following the Breonna Taylor indictment announcement.

Following the disappointing decision that no officers would be held accountable for Breonna Taylor’s death in March, protestors took to the streets throughout the nation.

Louisville which was already under a “state of emergency” ahead of the indictment announcement is tallying arrest numbers from Wednesday evening across the city. Sgt. Lamont Washington of the Louisville Police Department says the arrest count will be close to 100, reports CNN. This all came hours after Brett Hankison was indicted on three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment. The two other officers who fired shots during the raid were not charged with killing Taylor.

After the indictment, protests erupted on Wednesday evening in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Nashville, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. While some protests were peaceful, there were others where demonstrators clashed with police. Two Louisville officers were reportedly shot yesterday and officers allegedly shot tear gas as protestors in Atlanta.

In Louisville, police say "protestors moved road barricades" and “began letting traffic into restricted areas.” According to CNN they also jumped on police cars and set garbage cans on fire.  The civil unrest also consisted of businesses being looted including two City Gear stores and a pawn shop.

The disappointment of the indictment wasn’t solely expressed on the ground in numerous cities. On Wednesday, Benjamin Crump, a member of the Taylor family’s legal team shared the same anger seen by those who marched was also shared by her family, according to NBC. “They were outraged, they were insulted, and they were mostly offended,” Crump said. He called the proceeding a "sham that did nothing to give Breonna Taylor a voice."

Crump also stated that the wanton endangerment charge “doesn’t make sense.” He went on to share that the indictment made on Wednesday was in connection to the bullets from the raid that went into a white neighbors apartment, “but not for the bullets going in Breonna Taylor’s body.”