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Terry Urban Joins Biggie Smalls & David Bowie In Unholy Matrimony

Terry Urban Joins Biggie Smalls & David Bowie In Unholy Matrimony

Notorious B.I.G. x David Bowie = Biggie Stardust

What do you get when you cross the legendary bars of The Notorious B.I.G. and the musical genius of David Bowie? Why, Biggie Stardust, of course.

Suppose the world should have seen this one coming, you know with Bowie’s passing starting the week off on a tragic note. And truth be told, the track isn’t half-bad. To be fair though, it isn’t exactly half-good, either, but these mash-up joints never pan out exactly the way you’d think they would (unless you’re talking about the Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album, in which case it panned-out perfectly.) Where ever you stand on this “Dead Wrong” rework, you have to admit that at least the credited artist’s name is pretty damn clever and in the wake of losing such a monumental artistic force, this could provide a little levity on what’s already been a heavy week. Peep the Biggie Stardust mash-up below and head over to creator Terry Urban‘s Soundcoud page to keep up with some of his other wildly inventive mash-up projects like FKA Biggie and the OKP-approved Me And Mr. Jones tape; a true treat for the Winehouse/Nas enthusiast.

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