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ArtHouse95's "Last Dance In Paris" Pays Homage To Victims Of Terrorist Attacks
ArtHouse95's "Last Dance In Paris" Pays Homage To Victims Of Terrorist Attacks

ArtHouse95's "Last Dance In Paris" Honors Victims Of Paris Terrorist Attacks [Premiere]

ArtHouse95's "Last Dance In Paris" Pays Homage To Victims Of Terrorist AttacksCover art to ArtHouse95's "Vol. 1" EP.

It has been a year since the brutal terrorist attacks in Paris, France and Beiruit, Lebanon and ArtHouse95 feels as if they never received proper attention.

"Last Dance In Paris" was inspired by ArtHouse95 member MH The Verb's anger behind a lack of media coverage surrounding the terrorist attacks in the respective cities  in November 2015. Suicide bombers in Beirut killed 43 people for the city's worst terrorist attack since the end of the Lebanese Civil War, and the following day, suicide bombings and mass shootings in Paris killed 130 people and injured 368 people.

MH released a statement about the song, and about the inspiration behind it:

"[When] the city of Paris fell victim to a series of coordinated terrorist attacks, my heart sank... I felt an extreme closeness to the situation... [I later learned that] two suicide bombers detonated explosives in Bourj el-Barajneh, a southern suburb of Beirut, Lebanon. They killed more than 40 people. I had heard nothing about these terrorist attacks online, in the news, or on TV. No hashtags or specialized profile pictures for Beirut... I felt cheated, hoodwinked, and bamboozled... Even today, CNN’s top stories hover around Colin Kapernick’s jersey sales and Hilary Clinton’s emails, with little mention of activist Darren Seal’s death or the Syrian chlorine gas attacks. Once again, I’ve been let down and distracted by our westernized media. A (news) culture, which consistently devalues the experiences of those with color and those with less. I wrote ['Last Dance in Paris'] to remind myself and everyone listening that there is more to a story than what you are told. The truth is out there... While at times, the truth will bring pain and loneliness, it will also bring positivity and purpose. For every Paris there is a Beirut, and we need our voices to say something, or else we are just left with CNN."

The Philadelphia-based ArtHouse95 is an indie multimedia collective curated by emcee/producer MH The Verb, keyboardist/songwriter GR Stone and audio engineer Cylon. "Last Dance In Paris" is the second single from the upcoming ArtHouse95 Vol. 1 EP, which is the follow-up to April's Owl EP.

You can listen to "Last Dance in Paris" on Soundcloud by listening here.