Aloe Blaccstreet Is Born, Perform “No Diggity” Live On Jimmy Kimmel

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Aloe Blaccstreet Is Born, Perform "No Diggity" Live On Jimmy Kimmel #*)# => #*)# => #*)# =>

There’s some weird and wild musical menagerie taking place on Jimmy Kimmel Live these days. Perhaps you thought there could be nothing that might top the formation of Morris Day & The HAIM and their spot on, all-too fitting performance of “Jungle Love” on last Monday’s show. Well, the folks over at Kimmel managed to bring another apt musical pairing to life, bringing Aloe Blacc and Blackstreet together as (what else?) Aloe Blaccstreet to perform the classic “No Diggity” (AKA “The Macarena Killer”) for the late-night audience. The performance began with Aloe crooning a few lines from the track’s heartbreaking sample, none other than Bill Withers‘ own bluesed-out classic “Grandma’s Hands” before what used to be Teddy Riley‘s new jack kings took the stage (Riley and Dr. Dre-less) to knock out their ’96 bump-n-grind classic.There’s only one Monday Mash-Up left, and who knows what they’ll attempt to bring to life on the finale. Perhaps a little Sa-Dre? Or even some John Mayer Hawthorne for your blue-eyed soul fix? You can watch all of the madness unfold below, just be sure to stay tuned for the next episode.

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