Alicia Keys Shares Gripping 'Let Me In' Short Film In Honor Of World Refugee Day

Alicia Keys' Gripping Short Film Brings The War Home, Imagines Americans As Refugees

by zo
June 20, 2016 6:15 PM

Alicia Keys' Gripping Short Film 'Let Me In' Brings The War Home, Imagines Americans As Refugees

Alicia Keys is back in action, not just in the musical sense, but also in terms of her dedication to real and substantive activism. Her #NoMakeUp campaign has brought needed attention to unrealistic beauty standards propagated in the media. Next up, however, a poignant and thought-provoking message on our country’s stance towards refugees seeking asylum, delivered in the form of a gripping short film that stars Keys herself and even features her newly-released single “Hallelujah.”

The film imagines Americans as the refugees as war and all its perils land upon US shores, and Americans are the ones forced to cross boarders, specifically the southern one, where our rapport isn’t exactly on great footing thanks to decades of anti-immigration legislations and, of course more recently, one Donald Trump. The short arrives in honor of World Refugee Day, a UN-backed initiative that urges the globe to stand with refugees of war-torn countries, if not solely to prevent a world where this film’s events are commonplace. You can watch the absolutely riveting short film from Alicia Keys below, but if you’re willing to pledge your assistance and/or support to the refugees of the world, text “LET ME IN” to 80077.

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