Zack Fox Trolled the Internet into Thinking Blueface’s “Thotiana” was the Number One Song on the Billboard Charts

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Photo Credit: Grant Lemons
Black History Month: Zack Fox's Five Favorite Black People

FÏ Photo Credit: Grant Lemons

Zack Fox top five on Twitter.

This week, Blueface scored his first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100. His song “Thotiana,” which appears on his Famous Cryp album, debuted at number 25.

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Blueface, who uses an unorthodox — some would call offbeat — flow, is quite the polarizing figure. Comedian Zack Fox is one of the figures who seem to be in the pro-Blueface crowd. And Fox decided to have some fun with the West Coast rapper.

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Zack Fox changed his @ and profile photo and tweeted that “Thotiana” was the number one song in the country:


People on Twitter believed him. And the response spoke to how polarizing Blueface (and his new hit song) has become to rap fans:

Of course, Zack Fox, who is a bit of a nihilist, enjoyed all of the trolling that was happening:

Zack eventually switched out the Billboard stuff. Excellent troll.

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