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Wu-Lu Captures The Nostalgia Of Growing Up in "S.U.F.O.S." Music Video [Premiere]
Wu-Lu Captures The Nostalgia Of Growing Up in "S.U.F.O.S." Music Video [Premiere]
Photo by Shannei Rae Brown

Wu-Lu Captures The Nostalgia Of Growing Up in "S.U.F.O.S." Music Video [Premiere]

Wu-Lu Captures The Nostalgia Of Growing Up in "S.U.F.O.S." Music Video [Premiere] Screenshot via YouTube

The song serves as the title track for Wu-Lu's recently-released EP S.U.F.O.S.

"I'm not drowning / I'm trying to fight the devil in my deep blue surroundings."

The lyrics, delivered in a soft but still declarative croon by Wu-Lu, pierce through the minimal instrumentation, a layer of vocals singing "Yeah, yeah" creating harmonies that support the singer's message of resilience.

Resilience is an integral part to Wu-Lu's latest release, S.U.F.O.S., which stands for Save Us From Ourselves. The follow-up to 2018's N.A.I.S. (Not As It Seems), the S.U.F.O.S. EP (which is available for purchase on vinyl via The Vinyl Factory) finds the South London-based producer and multi-instrumentalist tackling themes such as racial injustice in Britain, black empowerment, and self-exploration.

The title track and its music video, which Okayplayer is premiering, embodies more of the last two themes. Directed by Georgio Barber, the video feels and looks nostalgic, shots of Wu-Lu performing and hanging out with family and friends in London made into something reminiscent of a homemade camcorder or VHS tape.

"This song is about going through the motions of growing up and learning how your mind works as an individual, you as a person have to be able to learn how to digest your thoughts before making a decision," Wu-Lu said. "Sometimes in moments we can do things that we regret or wanted to do differently."

Wu-Lu, who wrote, recorded, and produced all the songs on the EP, has previously said the project is "about family in every sense of the word: blood family, spiritual family, extended family, your family. It's the perception of my own experience and the young people who haven't got a loud enough voice yet."

Wu-Lu has performed alongside artists like Masego and Erykah Badu, the latter of which he shared the main stage with at last year's Field Day's music festival in south London.

"I didn't get to speak with her! I did catch a glimpse her getting out the car," Wu-Lu said of the experience. "I'm sure one day we will knock heads to create something great, so I'm not worried."

And as for his personal favorite song from Badu?

"I think my personal favorite song is "Kiss Me on My Neck," he said.

Wu-Lu can be found on Instagram and Twitter.