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Saba Just Dropped Two New Songs, "Mrs. Whoever" and "Something in the Water"

The new Saba features contributions from Denzel Curry.

It's been two years since Saba released his critically-acclaimed Care For Me project. Since then, he's dropped a collaborative album,  You Can't Sit With Us, with his group, Pivot Gang. Additionally, he teamed up with Smino and Noname as Ghetto Sage, for the group's single "Haagen Dazs." On Friday, he dropped two new singles, "Mrs. Whoever" and "Something in the Water."

The latter features South Florida MC Denzel Curry. Saba spoke on his return to recording in a press release.

"For me, releasing music is me letting go and getting out of my own way. It's me shutting down my own ideas of perfectionism, and me accepting my shit for what it is. I can keep holding on to shit and looking for the next best thing, which I think I've done my whole life, but I wanna combat that idea of something not being enough by just letting go and sharing my thoughts in real time."

Pivot Gang member daedaePIVOT, Nascent, and Nahum contributed on the boards for the two tracks.

"I don't really care to be understood right now in the same way that I think I did in the past," Saba continued. "It would bother me when people would quote lyrics wrong or say 'this song is about this,' or 'this song is about that,' but that's because the music was so personal to me. Now it's just like, man, 'I made this and I like it, here you go, get what you get.' And I feel more comfortable with being there."