MH The Verb Is Trying To Live A Better Life In “Raw Smoothie” Music Video [Premiere]

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MH The Verb Is Trying To Live A Better Life In "Raw Smoothie" Music Video [Premiere]
Photo by C. Del TV
MH The Verb Is Trying To Live A Better Life In "Raw Smoothie" Music Video [Premiere]

Photo by C. Del TV

This is the second single from MH The Verb’s forthcoming album, Space Ninja.

“I’m just trying to find center / free my mind and find peace,” the Philly-raised, Bay Area-residing MH The Verb declares in the music video for “Raw Smoothie.” It’s a relatable line, one that comes after his opening line about quitting his job. In times like these, it’s a constant, never-ending battle to fight for one’s own peace. But in those moments when you catch a hold of it, it feels like a cool bliss.

The music video for “Raw Smoothie,” which Okayplayer is premiering, showcases that bliss. Shot at LaMaison (an East Oakland community art and living space), the video finds Verb sharing affirmations while looking to the future for a new start over production from Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble. Verb’s wants are simple: he wants to move to Denver because they have legalized weed; he wants a woman that he can write lyrics in bed with. Sometimes, the first step to enacting change is to speak it into existence ⁠— to manifest it. That the track begins with the rapper saying he quit is job isn’t just a fantasy — he really quit the same day he wrote this song.

“That morning when I quit, I left and got a green smoothie with raw vegetables. It was almost like a metaphor for me trying to live better,” Verb said in an e-mail. “This whole album was written as an affirmation for me to change habits and become the best version of myself in 2020.  Raw Smoothie signifies a fresh start, a cleanse, a focus on being a better me.”

“Raw Smoothie” serves as the follow-up single to last year’s “Affirmations.” Both tracks are from his forthcoming album Space Ninja, which is the second installment in a conceptual multi-media project called Afronaut. Created by Verb’s art collective and label ArtHouse95, Afronaut is a saga based on a Black sci-fi heroine from the future who travels back in time to inspire the world.”

Space Ninja comes out February 28. The album can be pre-ordered here. Verb can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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