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Freddie Gibbs Taunts Jeezy About Gucci Mane Verzuz Amid "Therapy For My Soul" Diss
Freddie Gibbs Taunts Jeezy About Gucci Mane Verzuz Amid "Therapy For My Soul" Diss
Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Freddie Gibbs Taunts Jeezy About Gucci Mane Verzuz Amid "Therapy For My Soul" Diss

Jeezy called out Freddie Gibbs in his new song "Therapy For My Soul," which led to Gibbs responding back.

Freddie Gibbs has responded to a new song Jeezy recently put out where he calls out the Bandana rapper.

On the track "Therapy For My Soul," not only addressed Gibbs but 50 Cent, who caled out Jeezy back in May when Black Mafia Family's Southwest T was released from prison. 50 name dropped several rappers who had apparently owed Southwest T, with Jeezy being one of them.

In the track, Jeezy first speaks on Gibbs, rapping:

If One-Five wasn't my dawg, I would've touched them

When that sh*t went down with Gibbs, I couldn't trust 'em

Invested my hard earn money, tied up my bread

But he gon' try to tell you I'm flawed, that's in his head

It's happening just the way that I said it, good on your own

And if I'm honest nothin' gangsta about you, leave this alone

Since releasing the song, Gibbs has directed a number of tweets at Jeezy.

At one point, he even made reference to Jeezy's upcoming Verzuz match with Gucci Mane, mocking the rapper for participating in the matchup despite Gucci killing an associate of Jeezy's, Pookie Loc, back in 2005.

Gibbs doubled down on the remark in an Instagram Live as well.

Jeezy and Gibbs have a long history. In 2011, the latter signed to the former's CTE Records, but left the label the following year. Initially, it was reported that the leave was amicable, but clearly the pair still have some animosity for one another.

Jeezy will be releasing a new project titled The Recession 2 on Friday. Ahead of its release, he'll be going toe-to-toe with Gucci as the latest installment in the Verzuz series. Both artists have been promoting the matchup, with Gucci even taunting Jeezy with a meme referencing lyrics from his "Truth" diss track against the Snowman rapper.