21 Savage Calls Out Hypocritical “OG Rappers” in an Open-Letter Statement

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21 Savage Calls Out Hypocritical "OG Rappers" in an Open-Letter Statement
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“They say we make drug user music like making drug selling music is better.”

21 Savage has emerged as a vocal defender of his generation in an open address to “OG rappers.”

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Posted as a note on Twitter this afternoon, the Atlanta rapper underscores the hypocrisy of judging the new guard for its  drug references when there are copious cuts from prior generations that romanticize drug distribution and use. He cuts through at the end with an inquiry that’s hard to invalidate: “If the message in the previous generation of rap was so good why did so many of our parents abandon us for crack? Why we still killing each other?”

He goes on in an Ice Cube addressing the press kind of retort: “Don’t use us as the scapegoat! Our music is a reflection of what’s going on in our community and all we doing is using our talent to escape that community. “

Pete Rock has yet to issue a response. You can read 21 Savage’s full statement below.


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