Eric Andre Reveals The Sage Advice He Got from Dave Chappelle

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The comedian also discussed his love of the now-defunct Rawkus Records.

Eric Andre is the latest guest on Talib Kweli‘s People’s Party podcast.

Ahead of Monday’s full drop, a clip from the upcoming episode has been released. It opens with a recollection of the first time he saw Kweli perform in Ft. Lauderdale in the late-90s. After shedding some light on the rapper’s ability to remain insanely functional under the influence of “maybe 100 blunts,” Andre pivots to his comedic influences. “I love any comedian who has their own point of view and sensibility,” Andre tells Kweli before listing off Chris Rock, Jackass, and, of course, Dave Chappelle, the latter of which helped guide him through the nerves of putting together his debut Netflix special (Legalize Everything, out June 26th.)

From there, Andre recounts the sage advice he received from Chappelle as he was preparing to tape the performance. “Don’t worry about being funny for all 60 minutes. You just have to be interesting for all 60-minutes,” Chappelle told him. He also discussed his love of Rawkus Records’ Soundbombing II compilation, before realizing the now-defunct label’s founder was sitting in on the conversation.

Watch the full clip above.



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