MNDSGN's New Single Is A Spacey Disco Treat

MNDSGN's New Single Is A Spacey Disco Treat

by zo
February 13, 2017 1:08 PM

Mndsgn Announces New 'Body Wash' LP w/ Boogie-Blessed "Cosmic Perspective"

Ahead of a fresh grip of tour dates, MNDSGN has release an astrally-projected disco cut for your sink your teeth and feet into. The Stones Throw producer taps into his glitziest and most uptempo self on the new single “GOTEEM,” taking a trip to the stars on the back of a propulsive groove, punctuated with string jabs and a relentless bass line. It arrives on the heels of a new Joyce Wrice collaboration and a lush performance of “Lather” live and direct from the label’s dungeon quarters.

Hear the latest from MNDSGN down below and scroll on to peep his full touring docket for Europe and Japan. Jump back to acquaint yourself with his stud sophomore record for Stones Throw, BODY WASH, on iTunes.

Tour Dates:
Feb 17: Nagoya @ JB’s
Feb 18: Tokyo @ Vision with Joyce Wrice
Feb 19: Tokyo @ WWW X live with Swavy & Kiefer (SOLD OUT)
Feb 23: Seoul @ Cakeshop
Feb 26: Taipei @ The Wall
Mar 4: Shanghai @ Elevator
Mar 5: Hangzhou @ Loopy
Apr 15: Tel Aviv @ Kalamazoo Fest
Apr 20: Tourcoing @ Le Grand Mix
Apr 21: Paris @ La Bellevilloise
Apr 22: Lyon @ Razzle
Apr 23: London @ XOYO
Apr 27: Linz @ STSWT
Apr 28: Mannheim @ Alte Feuerwache
Apr 29: Berlin @ Gretchen
Apr 30: Zurich @ Exil

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