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Joseph Chilliams Drops "Powerpuf
Joseph Chilliams Drops "Powerpuf
Artwork courtesy of Joseph Chilliams.

Joseph Chilliams Shows Off Multiple Sides of His Personalty on "POWERPUFF"

Joseph Chilliams Drops "Powerpuf Artwork courtesy of Joseph Chilliams.

Who knew we would see the day where rappers were making songs using vocals from The Powerpuff Girls theme song music. But here we are.

Pivot gang member Joseph Chilliams, who is Saba's older brother, samples the '90s cartoon in his delightfully weird new song "POWERPUFF." The track features Chilliams rapping over a loop of the opening"Sugar...spice" line from the theme song.  What makes it even more clever is the Chicago MC's raps fluctuate with the beat, going from sweet bars to menacing ones as the sample changes.

Chilliams spoke to The Fader about the track, and what inspired him to do it, saying:

"The song makes me feel invincible, like Beyoncé or Wolverine. This song was born out of the same things I was: 90s Cartoon Network and the Westside. 'POWERPUFF' is just me believing in myself for 2 minutes and 38 seconds. Also, my favorite Powerpuff Girl is Buttercup."

The song is expected to be on Chilliams' Henry Church project.

Listen to "POWERPUFF" below.