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Pe 2 0 water protectors
Pe 2 0 water protectors

Watch PE 2.0's Powerful Visuals For Standing Rock's "Water Protectors"

PE 2.0

Jahi of PE 2.0 (Public Enemy 2.0) released the powerful and politically charged visuals for the track "Water Protectors." The song touches on the environmentally destructive Dakota Access Pipeline, the "water protectors" who are fighting it, and the water crises in Flint, Michigan. The pipeline, which will run over 1,000 miles long, aims to transport around 500,000 barrels of crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois on a daily basis. The Standing Rock Sioux of North Dakota have expressed legitimate concerns to the pipeline and the effects it would have on their water supply. The project is about 87% complete and is being built by Energy Transfer Partners. President-Elect Donald Trump has ties to the company. Trump has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the project while the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, Kelcy Warren, has donated over $100,000 to Trump’s campaign. The Dakota Access Pipeline has a price tag of $3.7 billion. To learn more about the Dakota Access Pipeline and the struggle against it check out this article and scroll down to watch a video detailing the situation at Standing Rock. Head here to donate to the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline and text Water to 82623 to support the important cause. Check the video for PE 2.0's "Water Protectors" via YouTube below and scroll down for the full lyrics to the song.

Lyrics To PE 2.0's "Water Protectors" 

"Water is love. Water is Life.

They fracking for more oil

more environment more water to spoil

you see they poisoning the people out there in Flint

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe they facing imprisonment

all cause they took a stand water protectors

against military tactics and tankers

white boys get acquitted taking federal lands

native people fight for rights and get cuff in their hands DAMN

the ancestors speak through the buffalo

another struggle here we go all power to the people

and you can keep your pipeline

dont you know that water's a lifeline

(come on)

Water Protectors

Water is Love

Water is Life


The Water Protectors

Keep Standing Up for your Rights (come on)

Water Protectors

Water is Love

Water is Life


The Water Protectors

On the real its a Natural Right

Deeper than a protest

living on the west side of Babylon

survived the worse as we continue on

water natural resource of course

greedy sub humans try to poison the source

it never was your land

peace to the Wampanoag people

of the first light the three sister they grow it (beans, maize & squash)

water is vital know agriculture

land and the ancestors part of the culture

in this critical time and hour

end all digging and get into wind power

end all the faulty companies and their land grab

trying to steal and control what they never had

stop shooting rubber bullets bullying peaceful people

the more we take a stand the more we see your evil

and leave the water alone

salute everywhere the indigenous roam and I'm gone"