Sylvia Sylvia And The Riot Have "No Fear" In New Video [Premiere]

Sylvia Sylvia And The Riot Have "No Fear" In New Video [Premiere]

Sylvia Sylvia And The Riot Have "No Fear" In New Video [Premiere]

Photo Credit: Annie Baker

The video finds the pair venturing through the Mojave Desert.

“I am the only one.”

The words, sung by Sylvia Sylvia, are a mantra that embodies what “No Fear” is about: fearlessly embracing your individuality. A collaborative endeavor between Los Angeles-based artists Sylvia Sylvia (Audrey) and The Riot (Mariah), the video for “No Fear,” which we are premiering today, finds the pair exploring a part of the vast Mojave Desert – Sylvia’s haunting R&B harmonies giving way to Riot’s raps, the track’s lo-fi production complementing the vintage look of the video.

The video is divided into two parts, the end concluding with Sylvia and Riot laying on a blanket underneath a tree. As the former sings “I won’t let you bother me” until it becomes another mantra, the latter offers a more direct response with her raps: “Call dat bitch. Call dat bitch. But I’m that bitch / Don’t call me.” It’s a moment of liberation and sisterhood, a shared catharsis between the two.

“This project is a reflective piece.  I wrote out the words ‘No Fear’ while reflecting on how far I have come. Thinking how as a people we’ve come so far by losing fear and as much as we want to follow, you and I and we as individuals can unfollow by realizing we are the only ones,” Sylvia said. “In my reflection I realized I have surrounded myself with the fearless — my friends, everyone involved in this project. We are the only ones.”

“We all just went for it and followed our desires not caring what any one thought and believing in each other fearlessly knowing that we were the only ones and I/we are here to be,” Sylvia continued. “This video is to announce our presence to ourselves and the worlds around us all.”

“No Fear” was produced by Sylvia Sylvia and Aaron Babylon. The video was directed by Sylvia Sylvia and Lance Williams.

Sylvia Sylvia can be found on Instagram and Twitter; The Riot can also be found on Instagram.

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