Larry David on Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Hopes: “Great for the Country, Terrible For Me”

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The Curb Your Enthusiasm creator has played Sanders many times on Saturday Night Live.

Larry David joined the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night to discuss the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The two started the night discussing New Year’s resolutions. Eventually, the two reminisced on Colbert’s cameo in Season 4 of the show.

After an awkward exchange, David commented that he usually has a great rapport with bald and/or bespectacled men. Naturally, the conversation moved to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Colbert noted that Sanders will join the Late Show on Thursday night to discuss the upcoming Democratic primaries. He went on to ask Larry if he had anything to ask of the Vermont senator.

David (jokingly) called for Sanders to give up the campaign, out of consideration for his work schedule.

“I would beg him to drop out,” David replied. “So I don’t have to keep flying into Los Angeles to do SNL. I thought when he had the heart attack that would be it! But he’s indestructible. Nothing stops this man!”

According to The Daily Beast, David has previously played Sanders on SNL a total of ten times. That number would surely grow if Sanders were to win the presidency.

“If he wins, do you know what that’s going to do with my life? Do you have any idea? It’ll be great for the country,” David lamented, “but it’d be terrible for me.”

Watch the full interview on The Late Show‘s YouTube channel. Season ten of Curb begins January 19 at 10:30 PM on HBO.

H/T: The Daily Beast

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